3 EstYES
  • Открой для себя Мир

    Открой Мирy Себя!

  • EVS

    Погружение в язык и культуру страны своей мечты

  • Молодёжный обмен

    много новых друзей из разных стран

  • Тренинги

    Радикально новые знания и умения - вне школы

  • Международные волонтерские лагеря

    Выйди за границы ...своей зоны комфорта

Новые проекты

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Archeology on the Island of Mallorca

Type of Work: Work involves excavating an archaeological dig site, cleaning the ruins, facilitating access to the site by clearing land and making paths (by… Читать далее

6 erinevat EVS projekti Prantsusmaal

1. Terrain d’Aventure du Péri In our project, the volunteer will be all the time in contact with children and young people. S/he will launch,… Читать далее

Seminar “Young Activists for Peace” Saksamaal

Since 2015 ICJA offers trainings and youth exchanges in the frame of a concept we call “Young Activists for Peace”. In four years over 300… Читать далее

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Esther’s Initiative project

It was difficult for me to come up with an idea for an Initiative Project, but in the end it might have been because I… Читать далее

Cooking in Räpina

On the 28th of September, a week before the end of my project, I cooked a national dish in the kindergarten where I’d been volunteering… Читать далее

Into the wild!

Our initiative project is a one day trip to Soomaa national park with a group of youngsters from Abja-Paluoja, which was planed by me in… Читать далее