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  • Открой для себя Мир

    Открой Мирy Себя!

  • EVS

    Погружение в язык и культуру страны своей мечты

  • Молодёжный обмен

    много новых друзей из разных стран

  • Тренинги

    Радикально новые знания и умения - вне школы

  • Международные волонтерские лагеря

    Выйди за границы ...своей зоны комфорта

Новые проекты

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EVS: Volunteering is in our Nature vol.2019, 9-12kuud (Greece)

The activity will be hosted in Athens, in the office of ELIX and the different venues coordinated by ELIX such as its Learning Centers. The… Читать далее

Seminar: Volunteers as Agents for Peace (Austria)

We define ourselves as a peace organisation and are an official peace messenger through our network ICYE (www.icye.org). The Grenzenlos board of managers decided a… Читать далее

Agents of Change (Czech Republic)

THE TRAINING IS HERE FOR YOU TO: 1. reflect the role of leadership and explore your own attitudes, approach and inner motivation for your work… Читать далее

Последние новости

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Elena two initiative projects

My first initiative project idea came to me when I first came to Laagna library (which is the closest to our kindergarten) and noticed a… Читать далее

A special day in the Kindergarten – National Day of Spain

Eight months after arriving to Estonia I decided it was time for me to prepare a special day for everyone in my kindergarten, parents, children… Читать далее

Macedonian volunteer: „Going to Estonia – the best and biggest decision of my life“

„I wanted something different, to work with children and to be in a totally new environment. As a result of a brief research, I figured… Читать далее