Olnud Projektid

NOMADs: “EAUX BONNES – Into the wild” (France)

PROJECT: ​For mountain lovers! Come to spend three weeks in altitude on the western Pyrenees Mountains! Eaux Bonnes, mountain city at the top of the… Loe edasi

NOMADs: “In the Heart of Pyrenees” (France)

PROJECT: ​ For mountain lovers! Spend three weeks in altitude on the western Pyrenees Mountains. Laruns, mountain town at the top of the Ossau Valley… Loe edasi

NOMADs: “Green Invaders” (Prantsusmaa)

PROJECT: ​They are small, they are green, they seem harmless and yet they are dangerous invaders for environment … Help us to defeat them! These… Loe edasi

NOMADS: “Hurricane Club House” (Italy)

SUMMARY: Build up a Club House which will be both a place for socialization and a location to organize new sport/social projects. Let’s be part… Loe edasi

8 EVS projekti Portugalis

1. Município de Odemira (Odemira Municipality) YOUTH WORK, MEDIA & COMMUNICATION Date: 15/10/2018 – 14/10/2019 Place: Odemira – Portugal Hosting organisation: MUNICÍPIO DE ODEMIRA The… Loe edasi

Bees Education Centre (Tšehhi)

Project: The project takes place in a small village of Chlebovice in cooperation with a local branch of the Czech Association of Beekeepers which is… Loe edasi

The Dutch Championship Horse Riding (Holland)

Eight disciplines of the horse riding sport are combined; dressage, jumping, eventing, endurance, carriage driving, voltige and reining. The KNHS looks after the interests of… Loe edasi

Fairtransport ‘Den Helder’ (Holland)

Location & partner: Our partner, Fairtransport Shipping and Trading, is situated in Den Helder at the most northern point of the province of Noord-Holland, which… Loe edasi

Silius together (Sardiinia)

BACKGROUND: Our non-profit organization is a point of reference for young people in our area. We are all between 15 and 27 and our goal… Loe edasi

West Greenland

Organisation: The Danish NGO Association for Greenlandic Children has been making projects for children and youth in Greenland since 1924. We are now doing projects… Loe edasi

An old shepherd’s hut in the land of Cathars (France)

Project: In this old city from the 10th century and the nearby cities can be found an exceptional historic heritage. The Cathars lived there before,… Loe edasi

Lühike EVS “NIEVRE ET SOMME – Restoring a church” (France)

Project: Concordia has been working for several years together with the very dynamic youth centre. This year, thisproject will work inside the church of Cavillon… Loe edasi