Olnud Projektid

Berlin Spring

Work: During this camp, we need to prepare our centre for the next workcamp season. The centre needs cleaning works like raking dead leaves, cleaning… Loe edasi

3 EVS projekti Austrias

Three (3) Volunteering Host Projects in the Province STYRIA (capital GRAZ www.graz.at), situated in the southeast of AUSTRIA, are looking for five (5) Volunteers. Loe edasi

EVS: Building Youth Supportive Communities – Environment (Rumeenia)

Project description The need for education for environment and selective waste collection in our rural community and in Romania in general together with the great… Loe edasi

EVS: Youth department of Lapua

The Youth Department of Lapua Town is a local authority and our aims are to assist the youth and develop youth conditions. We are liaising… Loe edasi

EVS: Youth and Holiday Centre Vasatokka

Vasatokka is one of the 10 national youth centres in Finland that specialize in providing a safe operating environment for young people to experience, learn,… Loe edasi

The Great Himalayan National Park (India)

Natural Heritage Conservation/Awareness Dates: FSL WHV-812: 16. – 29. julyFSL WHV-814: 20. august – 2. september This National Park in the western part of the… Loe edasi

EVS Türgis

Volunteers from: EU Countries Number of volunteers: 2 volunteers (1 female and 1 male) Project duration: ASAP – 01.08.2018 Project place: Bursa, Turkey (more details)… Loe edasi

Songkran Festival & Living Organic Garden (Tai)

Background: Thai New Year season call “ Songkran” between 13-15 April. The collaboration with Klonghae Temple and Klonghae municipality and VSA continuing organized this workcamp 5th… Loe edasi

Koolitus “Support After EVS”

The seminar focusses on the support offered by Sending Organizations at the end of their EVS project. Participants should fall into one of the following… Loe edasi

Mandarin farm (Japan)

Background: Organized together with Kikuya Community Group (KCG), formed by the local young people to think of the future of their small village, since 2008. Ikata… Loe edasi

Traditional New Year in Vietnam

Vietnamese Lunar New Year, more commonly known by its shortened name Tết, is the most important and traditional holiday and festival in Vietnam. It is… Loe edasi

Lapland Winter

PARTNER: The camp host Vasatokka located in Inari is one of ten national youth centers providing services for young people with the financial support of… Loe edasi