Olnud Projektid

NOMADs: “Koutsouras” (Greece)

PROJECT AND PARTNER: Municipality of Ierapetra (Department of Environment), communities of Koutsoura–Stavrohoriou and Oreino, cultural associations of Koutsoura-Stavrohoriou and Oreino. Local partners believe that international… Loe edasi

NOMADs: “In the Heart of Pyrenees” (France)

PROJECT: ​ For mountain lovers! Spend three weeks in altitude on the western Pyrenees Mountains. Laruns, mountain town at the top of the Ossau Valley… Loe edasi

8 EVS projekti Portugalis

1. Município de Odemira (Odemira Municipality) YOUTH WORK, MEDIA & COMMUNICATION Date: 15/10/2018 – 14/10/2019 Place: Odemira – Portugal Hosting organisation: MUNICÍPIO DE ODEMIRA The… Loe edasi

Silius together (Sardiinia)

BACKGROUND: Our non-profit organization is a point of reference for young people in our area. We are all between 15 and 27 and our goal… Loe edasi

Etnographic Cantabria (Spain)

Partner: The activities aim at acquiring experience, knowledge in the field and promoting solidarity, coexistence and participation of the volunteers. Work: Activities related to the… Loe edasi

Koolitus “Empowerment for Inclusion”

It’s a full-time Training Course, which main work language will be English, about tools and methodologies for EVS (Volunteering) projects with young people with fewer… Loe edasi

Cultural Heritage Preservation and Promotion (China)

It has been named the “Hometown of Scholar and Talent” and the “City of Culture”. Many folk arts from years of heritage and techniques, such… Loe edasi

Noortevahetus “Dance Dialogue” Hispaanias

Through talks, workshops and debates, young people will acquire tools and skills, around the debate and analysis of stereotypes, as well as through dance. These… Loe edasi

Island of Viðey (Iceland)

Eelmisel aastal käis samal prjektil Markus, loe tema seiklustest siit: http://estyes.ee/seiklused-videy-saarel/ WORK/PROJECT: SEEDS volunteers will have the opportunity to work on the historical island… Loe edasi

Alp Summer (Switzerland)

Projekt toimub 3 korral: WS18SCH01 30/06/18 – 21/07/18WS18SCH02 04/08/18 – 25/08/18WS18SCH03 08/09/18 – 29/09/18 PROJECT: For nature lovers, who are interested in garden and agriculture… Loe edasi

Olivazzi farm 2 (Italy)

PARTNER: Olivazzi Farm is a pedagogical and organic farm located in a natural and beautiful setting. The farm runs agricultural activities including construction and care… Loe edasi

The House in the Forest (Italy)

PROJECT: Prim’ Alpe was a historical farm estate inhabited and managed by two large families. However, the estate was abandoned in the ’50s and it… Loe edasi