Projektid: Prantsusmaa

Noortevahetus “We are people! 2” (Prantsusmaa)

The Center of Beaumotte is an association of youth and popular education created in 1979. Our  association works to support and to teach youngsters, specially… Loe edasi

Noortevahetus “Food connexion” Prantsusmaal

Food is an important aspect of our international projects because eating is a convivial and intercultural moment that brings us together. Food is often a… Loe edasi

ESC Prantsusmaal – 6 projekti lastega töötamiseks (7–12 kuud)

Tutvu projektide ingliskeelsete kirjeldustega allpool ja kandideeri enne 28. aprilli! Kandideerimine Kandideerimiseks täida esmalt kandideerimisvorm, mille leiad siit. Seejärel… Loe edasi

Noortevahetus “Don’t touch my friend!” (Prantsusmaa)

In our society comes an expansion of racism and discrimination. In many european countries, somes extrem political opinion are growing and take more and… Loe edasi

Lastega Prantsusmaal “My summer in Cerey”

If you have what it takes to be a leader, if you like children and want to find out how a festival is organised,… Loe edasi

Noortele vanuses 15-17: vabatahtlikuks festivalile “Frayse’Toch” Prantsusmaal

PROJECT Enjoy unforgettable moments at the Frayse estate where one of the greatest festivals for young, hip and trendy people of the Aquitaine… Loe edasi

Noortevahetus “Do you see borders?” (Prantsusmaa)

This Youth Exchange deals mainly with the topics of stereotypes, cultural diversity, developing tolerance and fostering integration processes. This project is the opportunity to… Loe edasi