Projektid: EVS/ESC

ESC Hispaanias – töö laste ja noortega (10 kuud)

The Association IMAGINA is looking for a motivated volunteer to work with children and young people in a rural area, about youth participation and development… Loe edasi

EVS/ESC Kreekas – Volunteering is in our Nature vol. 2019 (9-12 kuud)

The activity will be hosted in Athens, in the office of ELIX and the different venues coordinated by ELIX such as its Learning Centers. The… Loe edasi

EVS: Volunteering in Children´s Village (Austria)

Due to the children’s socialization conditions which are unfavourable to the development of the personality they are disadvantaged in many fields, such as personal development,… Loe edasi

EVS “Seeds of Action” (Hungary)

We are a professional Youth NGO working in the region of Nógrád, one of the poorest in Hungary, for 10 years. Our youth work is… Loe edasi

EVS ‘‘Documentary on Volunterism’’ (Turkey)

The activity will host 6 volunteers (1 volunteer from each organization). During the activity, volunteers will have a chance to visit voluntary youth workcamps, and… Loe edasi

EVS Islandil 2019 (5 kuud)

SEEDS is an Icelandic non-governmental, non-profit-organisation with international scope. Our main field of activities are related to the promotion of volunteering and cultural understanding through… Loe edasi

EVS Inglismaal: Success4All – Newcastle Upon Tyne (12 months)

We are a charity that tackles educational inequality with free to low-cost access to a peer tutor, online learning programmes, clubs and summer schools. Our… Loe edasi

EVS Venemaal (1 kuu)

EVS algab oktoobris. Alguse aeg sõltub viisa saamisest. Description: The project is organized by Smolensk regional public youth organization “Rassvet-S” on the base of a… Loe edasi

EVS Armeenias (1-5 kuud)

The SOS Children’s Village Kotayk consists of 13 family houses, a SOS kindergarten, a Village Director’s house, accommodation for the aunts, a Community House, offices… Loe edasi