Vabatahtlikuks festivalile “Partycipation” Austrias

Saa osa festivalist “Partycipation” Austrias, mis toimub juba kümnendat korda!

Let’s dive into a colorful, self-created world full of wonders and based on dancing vitality, conscious enjoyment and celebrating and learning together! Partycipation can be considered a social experiment. Our key issues are sustainability, creativity and the motivation & empowerment of young and old people. The whole event is mainly carried out through volunteer work – by passionate people who share the vision to create a better world together.

Work: We will work for the Partycipation Festival (

a) working in the preparation of the festival,

b) during the festival itself and,

c) after the festival is over; we will work in the cleaning and dismantling. The festival itself lasts one week, from the 21.-28.07.2019. The motto of Partycipation is to have a festival full of music, creativity and a future with a good quality of life. There will be workshops about sustainable and eco-topics, open spaces and music bands will play on the weekend. It’s a small festival. In total there are expected to come around 400-500 people during the whole week.

Accommodation: The accommodation will be at site, in tents (In case of really, really bad weather, there is a room nearby for shelter and sleeping). In the ending phase everything has to be cleaned and deconstructed. Be aware that the work will take place outdoor all the time, different weather conditions should not be a big problem for you (you should like to be outdoor most of the time). In your free time you will have the opportunity to visit the area (Vienna is not far away from Gänserndorf) and other nearby locations of interest.

Things to bring: a sleeping bag and a mat (we will sleep on the floor), working clothes, working shoes, a raincoat, a swimsuit, sun protection. If you require any medications (e.g. because of an allergy), don’t forget to bring them with you. If you have a camping tent let us know if you can bring it with you. Showers and toilets are indoor (closed) so do not worry!

Food: We will cook together and live together with the organizers of the festival. Please inform us if you require a special diet. The food during the festival will be vegan & vegetarian (=veg(etari)an) organic meals.

Your accommodation and food are covered – however, we recommend you to bring some pocketmoney: The currency used in Austria is Euros. Furthermore, we invite you to bring typical food, spices, drinks, games or music from your country (for an intercultural evening) – and of course motivation to be part of a special green festival and a good team!

Insurance: During the international camp we will only have insurance for accidents. Nevertheless, you need a full insurance for your travel and the time in Austria; don’t forget to arrange your insurance prior to your departure!

Special Remarks: All meals will be veg(etari)an. Knowing how to ride a bicycle is an asset.

Language: English

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12.07.2019 - 03.08.2019
Gänserndorf-Süd (Lower Austria), Vienna lähedal
Projekti kood:
95€ osalustasu + 25€ liikmemaks. 30€ osalustasu korraldajatele