Vabatahtlikuks festivalile Indias

Koge Indiat omapärasel viisil, panustades puudust kannatavate laste võimaluste parandamisesse ning saades osa festivalihooaja telgitagustest!

PROJECT: Our mission is to provide volunteers with a customised program that will enable them to make an important contribution to the poor and needy kids of India. In the past several years, we have placed many volunteers around various parts of India within different projects. Our foremost goal is to “Bring Smile around”.

Indian festivals are world famous because of it social & cultural values. Volunteers will have exciting time with street kids and local festival in these days. The main purpose of the project is to bring smile on most neglected street kids during the festive season while witnessing the excitement of Indian festivals. India is always been famous for its culture, tradition, language and food cuisine. Different culture, dress code, language and cooking style made the country like a continent! While volunteering in this camp youth can have a chance to interact with the East Indian ( Bengali ) culture and food. Volunteers and local family together exchange the culture and cook food. Volunteers will have a chance to learn basic Indian yoga & meditation in this camp. Volunteers have golden chance to know about the ethnic heritage of East Indian cuisine and tradition.

In this camp volunteers from around the world will have a chance to exchange culture, language, food etc. Special attraction for this camp would be Yoga & Meditation lesson, local cooking lesson, local language class. It would be fun fill entertainment camp where Indian family and international youth can have a platform to each other culture and lifestyle. Camp would take place in the suburb call Madhyamgram which is just 8 km from Kolkata Airport. Transportation, electricity, shopping places are all around. Nearest rail and bus station is with in 2 km. Life is very simple and peaceful around.


TARGET: Energetic youth from round the world gathered together during the exciting festival days to learn Indian culture, food, dress while try to bring smile on street kids.

LOCATION: Kolkata city and around.

Kolkata, the city of joy was known before as Calcutta since the colonial time. This ancient city was used to be the capital of British colonial period. This city has full of heart, people here basically belong to the middle class. There are also rich and poor people all around. City Kolkata is known for its busy traffic, huge population, warm welcome and poverty around the street corners. It is a great place to visit for every tourist coming to India. Kolkata is well connected with many famous and attractive tourist places during weekends.

ACCOMMODATION: Dormitory basis in host family as per available on arrival (on cot with mattress/on floor with mattress). Common toilet and limited wifi available. 2-4 volunteers in one room on shared basis (normally male & female separate room).

FOOD: You will get local food 3 times per day from a local host.

We need energetic volunteers with open mind and ready to get their hand dirty. Volunteers need to be strong and flexible. India is a beautiful country but can be challenging for some people .  Get ready to explore an amazing country full of surprises! Due to big cultural differences some volunteers might face cultural shock! Our request to all New comers – please read about India and Indian culture as much as possible before you apply for the project.

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18.03.2019 - 31.03.2019
Kolkata, India
Projekti kood:
95€ osalustasu + 25€ liikmemaks. 200€ osalustasu korraldajatele