The House in the Forest (Italy)

The project is hosted in Prim'Alpe guest house, an environmental education centre located in the Regional forest of Corni di Canzo, managed by Legambiente Lombardia. Volunteer will help in the menagement of environmental project Description

PROJECT: Prim’ Alpe was a historical farm estate inhabited and managed by two large families. However, the estate was abandoned in the ’50s and it was incorporated into the Reserve of Corni di Canzo. The Forestry and Agriculture Regional Public Service, ERSAF, took responsibility of Prim’Alpe and the main building was restored to preserve its original architectural features. Legambiente has been managing the structure since some years and have established an Environmental Educational Centre, hostel and manage the museum of the Natural History of ‘Corni di Canzo’ where examples of fauna, geology, palaeontology, and botany of the natural reserve are exhibited here.

LEGAMBIENTE LOCAL GROUP: Legambiente Lombardia performs its activities on a regional basis, with more than 100 local groups. It promotes initiatives against the soil consumption and for the conservation of natural resources. The members are involved in activities such as raising awareness, information, education, scientific issues.Legambiente Lombardia is one of the most known association for its campaigns: Goletta dei Laghi (analysis of the lakes to promote the preservation of the coastlines), Custodia del Territorio (sustainable soil use, environment and biodiversity protection with land stewardship activities). Legambiente invests several resources in understanding and forecasting the possible environmental impacts of new technologies, in educating and promoting the adoption of responsible behaviour, and in lobbying for environmentally correct political decisions. For these purposes Legambiente has created several Environment Education Centres

LOCATION AND LEISURE: The regional forest of Corni di Canzo covers approx. 450 Ha in the territory of the Larian Triangle. Larian Triangle is the area between the two branches of Como Lake. The Forest is a popular natural attraction and receives around 100,000 visitors per year. The forest extends from the source of Ravella to the ‘Corni di Canzo’, the two peaks that tower above the Ravella Valley, North East of Canzo. The Summit of the Western Horn is 1,372 m.

WORK: Work will be mainly to welcome and spread information to the guests of Prim’alpe, the daily management of the centre, to take care of the vegetable garden, support in the educational activities with schools, help in preparation of food, participate in the organisation of events.

STUDY PART: Volunteers will have the possibility to partecipate in workshops and trainings on enviroment and sustainability . Main subject of the program will be the conservation of forest and biodiversity.

ACCOMMODATION AND FOOD: Volunteers will be hosted in a little mountain house next to the Environmental Education Centre’s guest house with Legambiente staff. In this house there is a unique bed room and a self-managed kitchen.

TERMINAL: Milan’s airports. Canzo train station (last train from Milano Cadorna station to Canzo is at 21.00)

SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS: Motivation letter about project is required. Volunteers should be prepared and willing to live and walk in the mountains. The house is isolated in the wood, about 30 minutes walking from Canzo village, cars are not allowed in the Forest.

LANGUAGE: English. Italian language knowledge is welcome.


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04.04.2018 - 31.05.2018
Prim’Alpe, Canzo, Como, Lombardia, Itaalia
Projekti kood:
130€ osalustasu ja 25€ ühekordne liikmemaks. Majutus ja toitlustus on kaetud, transpordi eest tuleb ise tasuda.