EVS “Youth Media Portal” (Turkey)

Soovid tegeleda (sotsiaal) meediaga ja teha seda kõike kaugel lõunas, kus on soe ja mõnus? Loe edasi, sest põnev Türgi võib olla see, mida otsid.

The activity will host 6 volunteers at the same time for 4 months. In this phase the volunteers will be asked to prepare weekly online bulletin about EU opportunities for Turkish young people by using the tools of Eurodesk Turkey.

Volunteers will be responsible for updating the youth information websites of GSM, to use social media tools (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Second Life, etc) effectively to distribute the opportunities of EU for the young people to a vast majority, update news about GSM-Youth Services Centre via social media, to visit other instituations benefit from Erasmus+ program and gather information about the activities and help them promote their project and inform other youth workers and young people.

With the support of EVS volunteers and GSM stuff, to get in touch with local NGO’s and visit their own EVS projects, youth exchanges. During their visit volunteers will make interviews with the participants, organizers and learn their experiences, how they benefit and how the implementation process is going.

They will mainly use audio and video recording devices, and they prepare a short promotion material (mainly visiual materials) for each project.

Volunteers will also deliver the weekly bulletin to the volunteers for the next term. So; the bulletin will be updated continuously during 2019.

Basic Duties:

Volunteers will be responsible for promotion of EVS oppurtunities, prepare practical information for EVS candidates before they start their travel, interviews with EVS volunteers and write their stories and experiences to promote volunteerism especially on EVS.

Volunteers will be responsible to prepare bulletin every 2 weeks. Bulletin should include international or national project opportunities for young people (such as exchanges, trainings of Eramus+ etc.), and visiting local NGO’s and interview with them to learn more about their activities to promote them among young people, and share all information also via social media.

Volunteers will be responsible to organize at least 1 face to face meeting with local Turkish young people to inform them about how to write motivation letter, how to search for EVS project, and other voluntary opportunities beside EVS.

To update the blog based on volunteerism that the previous volunteers already started.*

*You can check the previous entries and posts prepared by our last EVS voulunteers in this project: https://gsmevsblog.wordpress.com/

Opportunities: Volunteers will have the chance to attend any activity of the GSM organizes and also to visit different universities, schools and NGO’s to meet with different people and learn more about their activities.

Also the first month of their activity is shared for specific courses for volunteers.

  • Turkish courses (4 hours a week)
  • Courses on journalism, interview (6 hours in total)
  • Basic courses on Online and Face to Face Youth Information (16 hours in total)

Target Group: Any young people between the age of 18-30 who:

  • are able to use different social media tools,
  • are interested in editing photos, videos at the basic level and can communicate in English.

Kandideerimiseks saada oma inglise keelne CV ja motivatsioonikiri aadressile alp@gsm.org.tr

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07.01.2019 - 08.05.2019
18 - 30