EVS “Take a Chance, Be a Change” (Slovakkia)

We would like to involve the EVS volunteers in various activities which we organize. In the beginning, we will introduce our activities to the volunteers and the tasks will be chosen according to his/her abilities and skills.

The volunteers will be involved in the whole process of preparing and realizing the activities. Of course, we will help them; we will work as a team.  We will always explain how we plan the activities
and we welcome their initiative and contribution with creative ideas and inputs.The activities will be flexible and depend on the phase of the project.

Tasks and activities of the volunteers

TEA MEETINGS: The EVS volunteers may contribute with ideas for the topics of these regular meetings of volunteers; they create an invitations for our volunteers; prepare the office according to the needs for the individual meeting; preparing the material for the “Tea meeting” also they will have opportunity to present their own country, culture and ideas.

TRAININGS FOR OUR VOLUNTEERS: Due to their abilities, experiences and skills we would welcome her/his participation on our trainings which we organize for our future camp leaders; the EVS volunteers may help and support us with the organization of these activities like buying materials, preparation of the program etc. We would welcome the creativity and initiative of the volunteers.

BECOMING THE CO-LEADER ON THE WORKCAMPS: Depending on the interest of the volunteers, they will participate on one (eventually on several) international voluntary workcamps in Slovakia as a leaders. On the workcamp they can put all the theoretical knowledge, which they will gain during the training into the practice, with the group of young people from different cultures.

ADMINISTRATIVE WORK: We would like the EVS volunteers to help us with some administrative work like sorting and copying documents and other things. They will help a bit with shopping, going to the post office and work with our web-page and database. The EVS volunteers will communicate with our volunteers in order to inform them about our activities. The communication will be through mail, phone calls and directly when the volunteers visit us in the office.

ORGANIZING EVENTS: Promoting volunteering and concrete voluntary activities among youth is always  important. That is why our EVS-volunteers will sometimes run presentations and workshops mostly about volunteering. They will be part of our promotional team and dealing with our online media such as facebook, linkedin, twiter and INEX web page on daily basis.

PROMOTION OF VOLUNTARY WORK AND EVS: In cooperation with our partner organizations the volunteers will create the activities for some events; they will help with preparation and the realization of the the activities and also with the promotion of the event among our volunteers. The volunteers will also help organizing free-time activities for people with disabilities.

Huvi korral saada oma inglise keelne CV aadressile evs@inex.sk ja täida ära küsimustik: https://goo.gl/forms/7tD9Ug83MGNpUcgu2

EVS vabatahtlik ei pea projekti jooksul tasuma toitlustuse ega majutuse eest. Lisaks antakse vabatahtlikule taskuraha. Lennupiletite maksumus hüvitatakse vastavalt läbitud vahemaale.

Kandideerimise tähtaeg:
01.02.2019 - 31.12.2019
Bratislava, Slovakkia
18 - 30