EVS Horvaatias “Spring Camp” 2 kuud

Põnev lühiajaline EVS Horvaatias koos vabatahtlikega 6 eri riigist

The overall objective of the project is to create a sustainable community with all its diversity, to develop rural areas and to improve the quality of life of local people.

Specific objectives:
– To develop the knowledge of permaculture in theory and practice
– To educate local people how to treat their waste in the most Eco-friendly way
– To spread and share knowledge about permaculture and sustainability and raise ecological awareness using theoretical and practical workshops
– To organize events for local people and to improve their quality of life
– To clean up properties after winter and prepare them for spring / summer season
– To empower young people to use their opportunities participating in mobility projects and doing voluntary work
– To introduce work of Eko Centar Latinovac to wider community and inform people how to be more active and involved in community development
– To support solidarity and community spirit, intergenerational and intercultural exchange and mutual understanding through non-formal activities in local community (decrease prejudices)
– To develop rural paths for hiking / cycling (to support rural and sustainable development of the community, to promote active way of living and healthy life styles)
– To promote European values (like youth activism, professional growth etc)

Kandideerimiseks saada oma CV ja motivatsioonikiri aadressile evslatinovac@gmail.com

Projekti oodatakse osalema inimesi vanuses 18-30. EVS projektis on kaetud majutus ja toitlustus. Vabatahtlikule antakse ka taskuraha. Transpordikulud hüvitatakse vastavalt läbitud distantsile.

Kandideerimise tähtaeg:
13.03.2018 - 10.05.2018
18 - 30