Lõppes projekt “Learning Bridges for volunteering between European and Latin America”

EstYES 15.04.2014

On February 17th we closed officially with the  submission of the final report, the Alliance Learning Bridges project, that has been one of the most challenging and biggest projects we have implemented within our network!!
While summing up all of activities done, we could see all the work that each partner and the partnership as a whole, did during this year and a half. In total, there were 10 Latin America and 8 European Organizations involved and develpod  28 activities in 14 countries, reach out to over 4000 young people, staff, social workers, representatives of the authorities and academic field participated directly or indirectly.
The final results in terms of impact and reach, exceeded the initial expectations!
None of this would have been achieved without the energy, the effort and the commitment of everyone involved,
both from an administrative and content-related point of view!

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