Koostööprojektid Euoopa ja Aasia partneritega

EstYES 24.04.2014

EU – ASIA        2010

This project brought together 15 youth organizations from Europe and Asia to explore issues related to sustainable development and cultural diversity. It explored the different way sustainable development is conceived, lived and approached in different cultural realities. Its final goal is to increase awareness on sustainable development and empower participants with skills, knowledge and experience in order to further work on related issues at local and international level, also thanks to a number of instruments (handbook, dialogue platform) conceptualized and produced in the course of the project.

The project consisted of four main phases, in the first one the organizations agreed on a common strategy and shared practices, expectations and knowledge; in the second and third ones their volunteers were be trained in order to actively participate in an event and they had the chance to discover (and participate in) relate projects in other organizations; in the last one volunteers and organisations elaborated what they have been learning into a handbook for volunteers, a dialogue platform and a follow-up project between Europe and Asia.


EU – CHINA 1   2012

This project brought together 16 youth organisations operating in Europe, China and South East Asia in order to foster cooperation between European and Chinese youth organisations by engaging in actions aimed at asserting the positive role of volunteering in curbing youth unemployment. By doing this, it increased awareness amongst the participants, and major stakeholders at the political level, on issues such as cultural diversity, situation with youth unemployment in eleven countries of two regions and international voluntary service movement as one of the methods to fight it. The project was intended to create a basis for long term cooperation between the two regions in the field of non-formal education and all the partnership and a follow-up is currently on-going.

This project had three main objectives:

–          Empower young people (including those with fewer opportunities) and create multipliers

–          Tackle youth unemployment and show how volunteering can contribute to bringing it down

–          Foster capacity building of Chinese youth organisations and EU-China dialogue

These objectives were met thanks to a number of group activities such as:

–          A starting up seminar in Beijing province (33 participants, 5 trainers, 6 Steering Group members)

–          A training for youth leaders in Hohhot (34 participants, 5 trainers, )

–          Four Moving Trainings, one in China, one in South East Asia and two in Europe (5 members of the moving team met with different 20 participants at each of the two stops with a total of over 200 participants trained)

–          An information day on the role of volunteering in Europe and China

–          A final seminar in Estonia (25 participants, 5 facilitators and 6 Steering Group members)

EU – CHINA 2   2013

This follow-up project (year 2 of Youth in the EU and China: Working together to Common Challenges) was intended to continue capacity building of EU and Asian organisations in the field of youth work and in particular how volunteering can help curb youth unemployment. By doing this in a EU-China context we provided not only the basis for a better understanding of various regional cultures but also a platform to discuss the needs of various societies and how the needs of the young generations can be met.

The project addressed the following priorities of YiA 3.2 2012:

– Youth employment, poverty and marginalisation

– Projects promoting dialogue, exchange and cooperation in the field of youth between the EU and China. Attention was given in particular to projects aiming at ensuring follow-up and sustainability to the cooperation initiated in 2011 and/or to projects focusing on the promotion of intercultural dialogue between young people from the EU and China.

In addition to this, we also addressed three permanent priorities of the YiA programme, namely:

Ÿ         Participation of young people

Ÿ         Cultural diversity

Ÿ         Inclusion of people with fewer opportunities

Main activities of the project were:

– Introductory meeting

– Study Visit of Chinese organisations in Europe

– Pre-departure training for Mid-Term Volunteers

– Mid-term volunteers (MTV) are exchanged between partner organisations

– Evaluation of the MTV activities and youth leaders training

– Local trainings for young people – Academy on Non-Formal Education (organised locally by each partner)

– Final evaluation seminar

The geographic scope of the project included two regions: Europe (EU + associated countries) and Asia (with main emphasis on China):

8 European organisations based in Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, France, UK/ Scotland, Cyprus, Turkey.

6 Chinese organisations from very different and diverse provinces, including Hong Kong.

2 South East Asian organisations based in Cambodia and Vietnam.

The number of participants involved (direct beneficiaries) is estimated nearly 1 000 with more than two thousands indirect beneficiaries (these figures are much higher if we consider the number of members of each organisation). This has been made possible thanks to the collaboration this project created with National Youth Councils, international platforms such as CCIVS, Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations and foundations such as the Asia Europe Foundation and the Guanghua Foundation.