Other Voluntary Opportunities

EstYES is able to offer a wide range of long term voluntary programs through our international partners. Please do not hesitate to contact us for our current opportunities or to get some answers to your specific questions.

Mid-Term Volunteering in social projects

Besides EVS projects EstYES also offers other voluntary opportunities for international volunteers. Primarily this work is with children or teenagers at social institutions and orphanages etc. It can last between 1 and 3 months, and exceptionally up to 6 months.

There are no age limits or specific deadlines for these projects applications. Volunteers have to express their wish to join the project by sending their CV and motivation letter to us.

Volunteers in the project are provided with board and lodging and linguistic materials. In some cases a little pocket money is available. Volunteers are usually requested to contribute a modest participation fee which covers the administrative cost of organizing and running the projects, and the cost of preparatory materials and local transport.

Camp Leader Positions

Every summer EstYES invites volunteers from abroad to help run workcamps in Estonia as co-leaders. 
Co-leading is an exciting opportunity to get involved in workcamps, develop new skills, meet new people and visit Estonia!
Do you have the skills and experience we need? 

  • Co-leaders are expected to be trained for this and/or have camp-leading experience in their own countries.
  • Co-leaders should speak good English.
  • Co-leaders are expected to come at least 2-3 days before the beginning of the camp to meet the other co-leader and come to the camp site before other participants arrive.
  • During the stay in Estonia accommodation, food, local transport costs and other costs connected to running the camp are covered by EstYES.

The list of the camps where co-leaders are wanted is available in April. If you are interested in co-leading a workcamp in Estonia, please contact EstYES office for further details.

For senior volunteers

SOCRATES Accompanying Measure: Learning opportunities for senior volunteers – managing transnational exchanges.

Volunteering abroad is an important non-formal intercultural learning experience. Among others, it includes discoveries of previously unknown areas, insights at political level and the revision of preconceived opinions. Not being a tourist in a foreign country but participating in “real life” is crucial for personal gain. Intergenerational learning and acquiring foreign language skills are further aspects which can be enhanced by a transnational exchange project. Many seniors are not only open for new ideas and opportunities for personal further development – which some of them simply did not have when they were young – but they also have the best prerequisites to act as multipliers in passing on knowledge and intergenerational experiences.

Against this background, a conference was held in Tallinn, Estonia, in December 2006, with participants of four pilot projects in the European exchange of older volunteers. It has resulted in a handbook which documents the experiences from the perspectives of institutions for adult education with transnational work approaches, local and regional governments, local initiatives, NGOs, international voluntary service associations and individual senior volunteers.

By analyzing and recording existing knowledge and examples of good and bad practice in this handbook, we hope to provide future projects in the framework of the EU programmes for education and training, youth, culture and citizenship in 2007-2013, especially the “Lifelong Learning” and “Europe for Citizens” programmes, with a valid resource.